Welcome to Blessed French Bulldogs! Where we offer some of the finest quality standard and exotic  colored French Bulldogs for sale!   Quality is not expensive - it is Priceless!  We offer some of the finest blood lines available.  We specialize exclusively in French Bulldogs ("Frenchies") - both standard colors and BLUE French bulldog puppies - although we are also owned by and home to a rogue Boston Terrorist (Terrier).  Our Payson, GA  Bed and Breakfast serves as our "Home-O-Frenchies."  We focus on the health, structure and temperament/disposition  of our dogs.  Our dogs are "hand raised" in a fun and loving environment and are well socialized and adjusted to people, handling and travel.

When we first made the decision to offer our puppies to the public a friend (whom is against "dog breeding") said to us "There are so many dogs that need homes, why would you want to breed your dogs knowing  that you are taking potential homes from dogs that really need one?"  We do not intend nor want to take good homes from homeless dogs, however, we strongly believe that if pet owners sought out a personality appropriate breed there would be less homeless pets.  That is why it is imperative that you research and get to know the temperament, characteristics and mannerisms of the breed you wish to adopt - be sure to adopt the appropriate breed to fit your personality and lifestyle.

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